“Best VIP in Providence!”

  -New England Nightlife


Your buddies Bachelor Party is coming up in 60 days and who is in charge of making sure his last night out as a single man is a good fu%$#&’n time? You! So you better do a damn god job!! If your on this website, than you know your bestest bud ain’t lookin to go out to eat, then home by 11 to cuddle his fiance. Your BEST FRIEND is looking to see some bum! Well, SCORES Rhode Island has 3 floors, 20 VIP Sections, 3 full bars and over 200 of the hottest bums in the State Of Rhode Island. And that’s a fact!

If you would like a custom VIP Package for your group we offer different packages based around your group size and budget. Each package includes meet and greet service by your very own VIP Host and your own exclusive VIP Section. Why spread yourselves all around the Venue looking for women when you can chill out in your own VIP Area and have them come over looking for you? If you would like a LIMOUSINE added to any of our packages, prices start as little as an additional $15.00 per person. We do offer Party Buses as well, equipped with Stripper Poles. For more info on our selection of Party Buses or Limousine Service, call 508-LIMOUSINE.

To reserve your VIP Package at SCORES Rhode Island, call 401-521-7469.